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While most car accidents involve two or more vehicles, rollovers are usually single-vehicle accidents. But even though they only involve one vehicle, that doesn’t mean they are any less dangerous or damaging. In fact, rollover accidents are one of the most deadly accident types. Rollover accidents can happen in any type of vehicle. Some of the most common causes of rollover accidents are:

  • Driver error, such as falling asleep at the wheel or driving distracted. These usually happen while driving at high speeds, such as on a freeway or highway. Striking a curb or other object while asleep or distracted can throw off a vehicle’s center of gravity and can cause the vehicle to roll.
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Risky maneuvers. Attempting to turn or swerve at a high rate of speed can cause friction between the tires and the road. This friction can cause the vehicle to tip and roll. This is more likely to happen in vans, trucks, and top-heavy vehicles.
  • Multi-vehicle accidents. While single-vehicle rollovers are more common, rollovers can happen if a vehicle is hit from the side by an oncoming vehicle. This force can cause the vehicle to roll.

While you may not be able to always prevent car accidents, you can take steps to lessen the risk of being involved in a rollover accident. Always drive sober. If you are drowsy, pull over. Keep your eyes on the road and don’t drive distracted. If you are involved in a rollover accident, there can be serious injuries that may require extensive hospitalization and continuous care. When life-changing injuries and fatalities occur as a result of rollover accidents, our St. George, Utah attorneys are here to provide the support and legal help you need.