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Gallian Welker & Associates is home to the best St. George, Utah attorneys and has been serving the legal needs of individuals and businesses throughout the southwest for over 30 years. We have the most combined experience in southern Utah law. With attorneys located in both southern Nevada and southern Utah, we are able to effectively and affordably provide services in a wide variety of practice areas in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and California. Let us be your legal team.

Our St. George, Utah attorneys are very knowledgeable in personal injury law and business formation.

St. George Personal Injury

We have recovered millions of dollars for hundreds of accident victims. Have you been injured in an accident or have a loved one injured due to negligence? While we understand that money doesn’t solve every problem and cannot restore some damages or losses, sometimes it is the only course of action to make up for someone else’s negligence. Don’t get stuck with your medical bills and repair of personal property; insurance is required by law to protect you. Call us for a free consultation.

St. George Business Formation

Starting a new business, or restructuring an old one? Do you need an attorney? Call us and find out how to best protect you and your business. We have the best attorneys for business law. We have helped many St. George, Utah businesses with the proper legal formation. No matter what stage of business formation you are in, call us and talk with a St. George, Utah attorney who specializes in business formation. Call us today! We will get you started the right way.

St. George, Utah attorneys will help you win your St. George estate planning or probate case.

St. George Estate Planning & Probate

St. George, Utah has been one of the number one retirement communities in the western United States. Are your affairs in order? Don’t make your family pay court fees and fight for what you want to leave them through the St. George, Utah probate court. Allow our St. George attorney specializing in St. George, Utah estate planning help you properly structure your estate. Avoid the time and expense of probate by meeting with one of our estate planning attorneys.

St. George Real Estate Law

Let us help you with your St. George, Utah real estate contracts, land development, HOAs, and more. If you have any legal issues with real property, call us! With over 30 years of legal history, there isn’t much that we haven’t seen and been apart of legal wise. Our St. George attorneys handle everything from real estate contracts to title and propety disputes. Are you planning on starting real estate development? Be sure you are protected legally. Contact us for a consultation.

Need help with a divorce in Utah? Have you had a DUI? Let our St. George, Utah attorneys help.

St. George Divorce & Family Law

Our highly experienced attorneys are ready to meet your family law needs. Divorce is never an easy thing to deal with. Many times couples spend fruitless arguments throwing threats and hurtful comments at each other. Do not make the mistake of letting your emotions rule the day. And don’t let an abusive spouse intimidate you with threats. Let our St. George attorney family law specialist guide you with the best options to resolve your issues.

St. George DUI Defense

Have you been arrested for DUI or have a current ticket or conviction you are dealing with? You still have rights! Do you have a loved one in jail for a DUI offense? Our St. George, Utah attorneys have helped hundreds of DUI cases come to the best resolution. Get your life back and let us take the burden of the legal hassle associated with a DUI charge off your shoulders. Get expert advice from an attorney that has experience dealing with DUI cases. Call us today for a free consultation.

Five things to do immediately if you are in a car accident:

What do you do after a car accident? Stay calm, report the accident, document everything with your phone if possible, seek medical attention if needed, and record or write down how the accident occurred. Follow these five simple steps to ensure that you will be in the best position possible. Gallian Welker & Associate is home to the best St. George, Utah attorneys and we have seen thousands of car accident cases, and we have the knowledge and experience to get you the best results.

St. George, Utah attorneys protect your intellectual property & avoid probate with estate planning.

Veteren's Claims

We love our veterans and we are committed to protecting your legal rights. Have you been medically discharged from the military? Do you have life-long injuries or disabilities from your service? We are grateful for your service to our country and we want to make sure that you have everything our country can provide in return. Call us today for a consultation.

Wage & Employment Law

Have you been unfairly treated or terminated in the Southern Utah work force? Or are you an employer needing your rights and business protected from an employment issue? Whether an employer or employee, we will protect your rights. Call us today and let one of our expert St. George attorneys help you.

Need help with personal injury? Need help with real estate? Call St. George, Utah attorneys.

St. George Civil Litigation

Have you been sued or are you thinking about suing? We offer aggressive representation! Do not let someone manipulate you through legal threats or litigation; call us for pressure-free advice on your situation. We can help you understand if legal action is necessary in your situation or if you will need legal protection. Don’t be intimidated by a legal situation; depend on us, the St. George attorneys with the most experience and knowledge.

St. George Criminal Defense

Have you been arrested, or do you have a loved one or friend currently in jail? Are you currently dealing with tough criminal charges? Don’t spend more time in jail or more money trying to decide what to do. We will protect your rights. Our St. George attorneys have helped thousands of people with their legal issues. Let us help you get your life back on track and recover from whatever criminal charges you are dealing with. Contact us today.


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The Top 12 St. George attorneys all together! Gallian Welker & Associates

Gallian Welker & Associates was founded over 30 years ago, and was originally named Gallian and Westfall, then later Gallian, Westfall, Wilcox, Welker & Olson. In recent years, Mike Westfall and Jeff Wilcox have been appointed to be District Court Judges for the state of Utah, which demonstrates the high standard of ethics and performance Gallian Welker & Associates expects in their attorneys. Gallian Welker & Associates has grown to house St George Utah Attorneys and also offices in Las Vegas and Arizona, with a total of 12 attorneys. We have attorneys who are variously licensed in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and California. Even though we have grown in size over the years, we are still committed to establishing meaningful and lasting relationships with our clients, and providing our clients with the best possible service. Over the years, we have represented individuals as well as small and large companies in cities and towns ranging from St George Utah to Salt Lake City, thus representing cases through wide-ranging areas of law.

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Featured St. George, Utah Attorneys

Mathew D. Ekins

Matthew D. Ekins is a seasoned attorney with a focused practice for individuals and small businesses. Communication with the client, loyalty, and dedicated service are his practicing trademarks. Work and case load primarily focuses in three areas of the law: business, estate planning/probate and real estate. He has practiced law since 2008 and is admitted to Utah and Nevada.

Travis N. Barrick

About 40% of my practice is in Veterans Law and I represent veterans in claims before the Veterans Administration and the Court of Appeal for Veterans Claims in Washington, DC. I also give a significant amount of pro bono time to veterans whose legal problems are interfering with their eligibility for VA treatment. I also specialize in Non-Profit Governance as a Professional Registered Parliamentarian, whereby I advise clients on Bylaws, Meeting Planning and Procedure, and Internal Policy Development. Most days I really enjoy my work!